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Lip Balm .5 Pots

Lip Balm .5 Pots

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This lip balm will leave your lips soft and supple. This smells exactly like freshly made sugar cookies. The warm vanilla and sugar aroma will make you crave some freshly baked cookies. Purchase this all-natural lip balm to protect your lips. You'll love how it makes your lips feel afterward. Our lip balms are creamy and smooth, rather than waxy, as most lip balms are. Our lip balms are made with all-natural butter and beeswax sourced from local farms. These ingredients help keep your lips soft and protect them from drying out.

Our lip balms are excellent for chapped lips! Especially during the colder months, when our lips tend to dry out. The oils in this butter tend to melt in hot temperatures, so you will notice your lips being moisturized as soon as you apply it.

Please keep an eye on your tracking number so it does not end up in a hot mailbox during the summer. If it does melt, simply place it in the freezer for a few minutes until it begins to harden again.

These also make excellent gifts!
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