Tiger Eye Quarter Mala

Made with 8mm Tiger Eye and Red Tiger Eye stones and a Tiger Eye guru stone. Tiger Eye combines the energy of the earth with the sun that creates a high vibration yet is very grounding. It is a highly protective stone and helps a person to make decisions and think clearly. Red Tiger Eye aids in enhancing confidence and self-esteem. It provides motivation to the non- motivated and energizes those who are feeling lethargic. Carry Red Tiger Eye in your pocket when you want to add vitality and passion to any project you’re working on. Strung on nylon thread and hand knotted between each stone. The silky tassel is brown.

A mala is used as a meditation tool. In japa meditation, a mantra is repeated 108 times. A mala necklace has 108 stones. A quarter mala has 27 stones which means you can make 4 turns around the mala to complete your meditation. They are perfect if you prefer to have a smaller piece of jewelry.