Wood Malas - Blue

These malas are wonderful shades of blue. All are made with 8mm sized stones.

Mala #1 - Made with grey and navy dyed wood beads along with Lapis Lazuli and a Crazy Lace Agate guru stone. The cotton tassel is 2" long, grey with a silver accent.

Mala #2 - Made with light blue and royal blue dyed wood beads and Amazonite, with a 10mm square Amazonite guru stone and a 1", light blue, cotton tassel. 

Mala #3 - Made with seafoam green, light blue, royal blue, and navy dyed wood beads and a 20x30mm Amazonite guru stone. The tassel is silky, 2" long, and cream colored.

Mala #4 - Made with light grey and light blue dyed wood beads, Snow Quartz beads, an oval Zebra Japser guru stone, and a 2" cotton, light blue tassel with a silver accent.