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Straight Outta Sanford Unisex T-shirt

Straight Outta Sanford Unisex T-shirt

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Where North Carolinian pride meets iconic street style! 🎤

If you're looking to rep your Sanford roots with flair, this tee is your golden ticket. With its crisp "Straight Outta Sanford" lettering, this shirt doesn't just shout hometown love, it broadcasts it like the Blue Ridge Mountains on a clear day. 🌄

Whether you're taking a stroll by Deep River, enjoying a festival in Depot Park, or just kicking it with friends at a local BBQ, this shirt will make you the talk of the town (in a good way).

Perfect for those who love their city as much as they love turning heads. And remember, it's unisex, so it's for everyone straight outta Sanford!

Pine trees and sweet tea sips not included. 🌲🍹👕

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